Champlain Valley Apiaries 2023 Honey & Gifts

Beauty BODY CREAM Elmore Mtn Farm 4 oz Lavender Cream Item 177 • $12.50 GOAT MILK SOAP Orange Cat Honey Oatmeal Soap Item 19 • $4.75 BEE BALM VT Bee Balm Orange Bee Balm Item 134 • $6.75 BEE BALM Vt Bee Balm Original Bee Balm Item 15 • $6.75 LIP BALM CHAPSTICK Vt Bee Balm Original Bee Balm Item 135 • $2.10 Vt Bee Balm Orange Chapstick Item 136 • $2.10 BODY MOISTURIZER WITH HONEY Rescue your skin with this nourishing tonic and enjoy the sweet aroma for a completely pampering experience. Makes 2 applications • 5 tablespoons Champlaion Valley Apiaries honey • 2 tablespoons rose oil • 2 cups almond oil In a medium sized amber bottle, add honey, rose oil and almond oil. Cover tightly and mix by gently shaking the bottle; if necessary, uncover and stir with a thin utensil. Use moisturizer in the shower by applying onto wet skin, especially concentrating on dry areas. -Recipe excerpt from the National Honey Board - photo by Slashio Photography on -15-